Fixtures St Austell

Week 6 – Friday 25th September 2020

All players will need to sign up to contact tracing upon arrival, so allow extra time. Bibs, gloves and other shared kit will NOT be provided. Please ensure your team are in matching colours.

Time Pitch 1 Pitch 2
6.30 Carzollas too vs Unsung Heroes Good Character FC vs LD Team
7.00 Gylfi Pleasures vs Sticklar Carzollas vs Sandman
7.30 EPBL vs Real Socialdads Unknown 2 vs Carzollas too
8.00 Ninja Skertels vs Crystal Fallis A The Unknown vs Kantefitmy Willian
8.30 Pray4Jace vs Hawkins Motors Crystal Fallis B vs Biffa

Week 7 – Friday 2nd October 2020

Time Pitch 1 Pitch 2
6.30 LD Team vs Gylfi Pleasures Kantefitmy Willian vs Pray4Jace
7.00 Sandman vs Real Socialdads Boyzies vs Crystal Fallis A
7.30 Carzollas vs Crystal Fallis B Boyzies vs Unsugn Heroes
8.00 Hawkins Motors vs Good Character FC Unknown 2 vs Ninja Skertels
8.30 Biffa vs EPBL The Unknown vs Sticklar


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