Newquay Indoors fixtures

Week 7

The has now been paused until September. Please get in touch to register your team for the new season.

Shorter Games

We are shortening the games in the final two weeks. Each team has two fixtures each week.  Please check your fixtures and be ready to start on time. Please make every effort to attend for the final two weeks of the season.

Time Fixture
8-00 Waaa Beans vs 6 Offenders
8-15 Ron Jeremy’s fives vs 6 Offenders
8-30 Btec Raiders vs Waaa Beans
8.45  The Tigers vs Ron Jeremy’s fives
9.00 Btec Raiders vs Rodgers Dodgers
9.15 Rodgers Dodgers vs The Tigers

Week 8

Time Fixture
8-00 Rodgers Dodgers vs 6 Offenders
8-15 Ron Jeremy’s fives vs Rodgers Dodgers
8-30 Btec Raiders vs 6 Offenders
8.45  Ron Jeremy’s fives vs Waaa beans
9.00 The Tigers vs Btec Raiders
9.15 Waaa Beans vs The Tigers