Newquay Indoor player tables

Week 6

Name Team Goals
Tom Currah The Tigers 24
Dylan Rodgers Rodgers Dodgers 12
Ross Fallons Ron Jeremys fives 11
Levi Holroyd Waaa Beans 11
Jamie Shepperd Ron Jeremys fives 10
Dan Parsonage Ron Jeremys fives 7
Andy Scott The Tigers 6
Evan Pender Btec Raiders 5
Alex Rodgers Rodgers Dodgers 5
Jay Patience Rodgers Dodgers 4
Neil Gapper The Tigers 4
Jack Bevan The Tigers 4

Final Standings 2019 Season

Name Team Goals
Tom Currah The Tigers 37
Dylan Rodgers Rodger Dodgers 29
Jamie Shepperd Ron Jeremys five 19
Levi Holroyd Waaa Beans 19
Alex Rodgers Rodger Dodgers 15
Andy Scott The Tigers 12
Harrie Tilston Rodger Dodgers 11
Dan Parsonage Ron Jeremys five 10
James Lynch Ron Jeremys five 9
Austin Fairley The Tigers 8
Neil Gapper The Tigers 8
Bob Beansley Btec Raiders 7
Jamie Patience Rodger Dodgers 7
Jake Grange Rodger Dodgers 7