Beach Soccer Fixtures

Sunday 8th July at Porth Beach (Newquay)

Welcome to Beach Soccer 2018! The forecast is looking fantastic so make sure you stay hydrated and bring some shade with you.  Please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your KO time and that all fees are paid before you play.

Please check your fixture times and that you are playing the three teams in your group.

Beach Soccer rules are very similar to the 6 aside Rules which we operate.  Please note that socks can be worn but not trainers.

Qualifying Rounds

Pitch 1   Pitch 2
Atlantic Reach vs CTPE Sixes 11.00
Penhalligan House vs Pique Blinders 11.30 Its Coming Home vs St Mawgan
Sh*t on Sand vs Jimmy’s Giants 12.30 CTPE Sixes vs Waaa Beans
Penhalligan House vs Its coming Home 1.00 Pique Blinders vs St Mawgan
1.30 Jimmy’s Giants vs The Smurfs
Atlantic Reach vs Waaa Beans 2.00
Penhalligan House vs St Mawgan 2.30 Pique Blinders vs Its coming Home
3.00 Sh*t on Sand vs The Smurfs


Pitch 1   Pitch 2
Third placed play off for groups A and C 3.30
QF1 4.00 QF2
QF3 4.30 QF4
SF1 5.00 SF2
FINAL 5.20